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Personal Training

Philadelphia University Fitness and Wellness

Our mission:

To offer staff and students an opportunity to improve their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. Our new and improved personal training program provides students and staff with valuable information and exercises to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, while living and working to their full potential. We do so by offering a variety of courses and programs to help meet the needs of individuals with diverse interests and abilities.


 Check out what our personal training program will offer:

 - Single, buddy, and group training (3-4 people max) - for anyone who does not want to train alone.

- High Intensity Training sessions for individuals who want to train at a high intensity level.

- Full body composition screenings for all participants when beginning training as well as after (upon request) to record progress made.

- Optional "Core Muscle Strength and Stability Test" prior to training and again later if desired to track progress.

- Diet and nutrition information from our knowledgable certified personal trainers.

- A variety of new equipment for strength and stability testing, and body composition assessments. 

The Philadelphia University Fitness Center offers  Personal Training sessions to all students and staff for free. Just fill out a Personal Trainer Request Form and drop it off at the front desk! A Certified Personal Trainer will contact you to schedule your sessions and walk you through a personally designed program. Forms are available at the front desk of the Gallagher Center. 


Additional Services:

Interested in knowing your body fat percentage, body weight, or body measurements?

One of our certified personal trainers will complete a Fitness Assessment Data Sheet on the first day of training.  There are sections you will be able to list your fitness goals, types of training desired, upper body muscular endurance testing, flexibility and cardio-testing.

The trainers will use skinfold calipers to determine body fat percentage, measuring tape to find body measurements, and a digital scale for weight. The trainers will assess the results to identify your strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions to help. This should get done about once a month.