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How to Start / Establish a Club

Please contact the Recreation Office in the Department of Athletics and Recreation if you are interested in forming a new Sport Club. All Sport Clubs are administered through the Department of Athletics and Recreation.

The group must:

1) Submit a Club Sports Charter that includes:

  • A new club proposal
  • A petition with 25 signatures (ten of which must be members of the organization). The petition shall read, "We the undersigned do hereby petition the Philadelphia University Recreation Office for the registration of (name of proposed organization)."
  • A completed officer and member listing.
  • A draft of a constitution describing the purpose of the organization, membership criteria, procedure for election of officers, role of officers, etc.
  • All Charters must be submitted by the beginning of April to be approved for the following Fall Semester. If a Club fails to hand in their Charter, that respective Club will not receive funding for the upcoming year.

2) Completed Club Sports Charters will be reviewed by the Recreation Office and discussed with the club officers.

3) Funding will be distributed evenly, based on the needs and overall structure of each club sport /


4) Registered status is granted once the Recreation Office authorizes approval.

A group may be denied ‘Club status' for many reasons but most commonly if the group:

  • Duplicates the purposes of an existing organization.
  • Represents a controversial purpose not in line with the mission of the University.
  • Activity is deemed "high risk" by a University official.
  • Requires extensive funding, facilities, or resources.

New clubs are subject to one (1) year probation. During this time, no monies are allocated to the club from the University. New clubs will be given the opportunity to raise money through fundraising activities.

If a student wishes to reactivate a currently existing but dormant club; some of the above steps may be skipped or adjusted but will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Contact: Rob Nelson nelsonr@philau.edu